When you are contrasting Adwords paid traffic (PPC) to free traffic (SEO) it may well in the beginning seem that using free traffic is an obvious choice. Having said that, despite the fact that free traffic is free of charge you have to take into account that it requires a great deal of energy and hard work to rank your site at the top of search portals like Google.

You either need to carry out the search engine optimization work yourself or you need to appoint a SEO specialist to assist you get higher rankings. Therefore, in reality Search Engine Optimization isn’t actually free due to the fact that you’ll either need to put in time or money to obtain any results.

In addition over the last few years Google has made it increasingly difficult to get premier rankings. Therefore, since SEO isn’t getting any easier, it is necessary to make use of your paid traffic data to help enhance your search engine optimisation performance.

Keyword Stats 

In case you have a search engine optimisation team helping you, they might be struggling to identify the most effective keywords to optimise. You can review your search query report and share your best converting keywords with your search engine optimisation team.

Impression and click records will let you know which search phrases are searched for frequently, while conversion data enables you to find out which keywords give you the best opportunity to convert clicks into customers.

On the other hand if you find that specific pay per click keywords are too expensive to bid on, it could just work through SEO when you’re not paying for each person to your site.

PPC Ad Testing 

By means of split-testing your pay per click ads, you can use your winning ad to boost your meta descriptions for higher SEO click through rates. For example, adding a call to take action that is a clear winner in your pay per click ad testing could immediately have an effect on your search engine optimization efforts.

The meta descriptions on search engine optimisation search results should not be ignored, because a well-planned description could result in more clicks than a generic description selected by the Google search engine itself.

Landing Page Testing 

Putting together new content and producing unique, engaging and relevant search optimized pages can take a great deal of effort. What would happen for example if you invest all this effort on putting together new web pages and it does not work out? You would waste a great deal of resources in the process.

A better strategy would be to test several web pages by using Google Adwords to gather some information to identify pages that would have the largest impact on your business objectives.

You are able to use pay per click landing page insights to help you split up the most important pages from the least important, really helping you to put more time and effort into what’s in fact working.

Quality Score Issues 

If your site traffic is led to a good landing page, but your QS remains low, it is a sign that something is not right and needs your attention. While there are instances that poor quality rankings have nothing to do with the landing page itself, usually, these scores point toward some deeper landing page problems.

If your landing page gets a quality rating that’s below par, you needn’t worry, it is not a permanent situation, and there are things you may do to enhance the experience of customers that get to your landing page.

Consider the fact that if your Google quality score is poor, Google reasons the relevancy of your site is poor. If that holds true, your free search engine optimisation pages don’t stand much of a chance to convert clicks into customers .

There are a few simple things you should do to give your website’s potential customers an improved user experience. Imagine things from their standpoint. When a customer clicks on your search result or pay per click ad and finds that the information on the website is not relevant to what they were browsing for, they will immediately leave the site again without having a second thought.

Having information that’s relevant to the main search phrases is among the most essential things you can possibly do to boost your quality score. For those working with search engine optimisation sites, making your content original and entertaining will give you an added reward.

Another idea is to develop a straightforward website which does not attempt to dupe site visitors into doing something they don’t wish to. Make your site credible, simple to browse, and relevant in order that your site visitors will have the ultimate positive experience they can with you.


PPC and search engine optimisation does not have to compete. When employed jointly properly, you have a wonderful marketing tool at your disposal that can drastically improve your chances of generating more clicks and customers. An excerpt of this article was extracted from -. For more information about - visit this site.